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    15 Sep 2009

    Introducing a new feature to Get Out the Map

    Greetings Loyal Readers!

    We are introducing a new feature to Get Out the Map today!  We are lucky enough to have a guest writer who has offered to contribute his thoughts and ideas to Get Out the Map.  Please welcome a good friend of mine, Grant Sinclair and his article, (*groan*) Sinclarification.

    Look, the articles are good, even if the name of the segment came from an awful pun on Grant’s name that was a result of too much beer one night at Bogey’s.  So forgive us.  And enjoy!

    Grant’s bio, in his own words:

    My name is Grant Sinclair and I am the author of Sinclairification.
    I am an amateur photographer, former newspaper reporter and photographer, veteran, and high school English teacher.

    I have been taking pictures since my first trip to Montana in 1998. I love photography and one of my principal goals in life is to go to beautiful and interesting places, take pictures of the people and the scenery, and get good enough that people will want to hang my photos on the wall in their homes.

    Along the way I have learned a few lessons, picked up a few tricks, and generally gotten out there to take plenty of pictures. I tend to follow the KISS principal, so much of my advice will tend towards simplifying and keeping your equipment light and easy to access.

    So let me “Sinclairify” that for you!

    You can read Grant's articles here!